LUTH School of Nursing Sale of 2017-2018 Admission Forms

LUTH School of Nursing Admission form




Applicants to apply online by directly visiting: http://www.sonluth


  1. Go to the admission menu to begin the process
  2. From the main menu, click on admission, a drop-down menu comes up
  3. From the drop-down menu, click on Application form
  4. Complete the Application form online. Upload your passport photograph (not more than 30KB), Birth Certificate and WAEC certificate and ensure you supply only valid e-mail addresses and phone contacts. Submit the form.
  5. After submitting the form, you will be redirected to the payment gateway integrated with Remita Collection engine.
  6. Select the preferred payment option of your choice and click on Pay Via Remita. At this point, you are redirected from to remita.
  7. Complete your payment. If online, pay and print your transaction slip or if at the bank, print your payment slip that contains the RRR and proceed to the bank to complete your transaction. Return to the site to complete the application process.
  8. Submit a copy of the completed application form at the admission office, School of Nursing, LUTH.
  9. Bring a copy of the form and evidence of payment to the examination venue.
  10. Form closes 19th May, 2017
  11. Examination date: 27th May, 2017




Study Nursing Abroad Opportunity
Study Nursing Abroad Opportunity






265 thoughts on “LUTH School of Nursing Sale of 2017-2018 Admission Forms”

          1. The application form for the 2017-2018 session was out around February, 2017. It has since closed and admission process completed.
            However, you can expect the application forms for the 2018-2019 session to be out from February, 2018. Keep in touch with this page and we will alert you.

        1. February is the normal time the application form comes out Atinuke. But it can be affected by circumstances like strike actions. Do you know that their is an ongoing strike in Unilag right now?

          1. Noted.

            And if you keep in touch with this blog we will notify you once the 2018 SON application form is released.

  1. I am a holder but want to go into nursing and don’t have waec in chemistry and physics. I want to find out if I apply for RN. Thanks

      1. I didn’t get any notification via SMS concerning the second phase exam can I still go to the school or am not qualified?

  2. good evening,
    pls is the list for 2017/2018 academic session pasted in the sch premises? if yes, pls where can i check it in the school.

    thanks for your prompt response.

  3. Please is the final list out? Cos I went for the interview, and Dey didn’t tell us d date d final list will be out!!! Please is it out?? (SON LUTH)

  4. I just got this
    Pls wen is the next entrance and can I also apply with my jamb result and I av a D in English Buh my other subjects are excellent and also taking GCE starting soonest
    Can I apply now
    Pls reply if I can

    1. There are three ways to apply to study nursing at LUTH school of nursing.

      i) You go through UTME. You write English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics in UTME;
      ii) You go through direct entry by enrolling for JUPEB through the Unilag School of Foundation programme;
      iii) You apply by purchasing the LUTH school of nursing form and sit for the entrance.

      Options i & ii will award you BSc Nursing. Option iii) Will train you as a midwife with relevant qualifications.

      To be admitted by any option you must have your O-level credit pass in allof English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

        1. Through direct application to School of Nursing, Yes.

          Through UTME however, your O-level result must be made at ONE sitting.

  5. I have all necessary papers like Eng B3,Math B3, Phy A1, Chem B2 Bio B3 and so on while Jamb 172 can I still obtain form or how can I be admitted?

  6. and pls can you elaborate a bit on the third option for admission. which certificate is awarded? what is the duration of the course?

  7. Good evening, I have my o’level with good grades in all subjects but my question is, do I have to take jamb to be able to apply or purchase the form into school of nursing, I did jupeb but didn’t meet the cutoff…pls I need a reply, thanks

    1. Purchase the form into the School of Nursing when it comes out next year. You do not need UTME for that. But you can take UTME in 2018 to enter through the JAMB route at 100 Level.

    1. No. You have to get in by:
      i) UTME through JAMB; or
      ii) You purchase the LUTH School of Nursing form when it comes out in 2018 and pass the entry exam.

          1. No. You must have your O-level credit pass in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at not more than two sittings to be eligible to apply.

  8. Good day. Pls I want to know more about this school, would like you to give me the contact of the admin. pls here is my muber also, I wouldn’t mind if I can get a text through this number because I have a lot of things I would love to know about this school. Thanks

  9. Good day, kindly pls I need to know more about luth. i have 182 in my jamb and credit in all from my wace and I want to study medical surgery in luth. And If I can have direct entry into d school without my jamb. when is d form out these year

    1. Find a way to befriend success applicant to the School of Nursing for this year. The past questions available are not that reliable.

  10. Pls Am Iyanu, Where Did The School Of Nursing [Luth]is In Lagos?Is It A Federal School?And How Many Course Did They Offer?How Much Is Their Form Fee?

    1. The School of Nursing, LUTH is a federal institution located near Mushin and Surulere in Idi-Araba, Lagos State.

      The prepare students to be nurses. The cost of the application form in 2017 was N7,000. The next application form is expected to be out around February, 2018.

    1. No. You must have English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at one or two sittings to qualify for admission into General Nursing.

  11. Good day am Oyindamola pls can I buy LUTH school of nursing form with awaiting result next year and can I know when the form will be available next year

    1. Yes you can purchase the LUTH School of Nursing form with awaiting result but your results must be out by the time of registration. The forms will be out from February, 2018.

    1. There are two ways to get into the School of Nursing LUTH:
      i) The JAMB (UTME) route at the end of which you will be awarded a BSc in Nursing;
      ii) The direct route by which you purchase the School of Nursing application form and sit for a series of qualifying examinations and interview.

      In the UTME route you need your O-level credits in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at ONE sitting while for the direct route you are permitted to have the O-level credits in English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at two sittings.

      The School of Nursing application form will be out from February 2018. The 2018/2019 JAMB UTME form should be out before the end of 2017.

  12. Good evening ma,
    Pls is there age limit in Luth school of nursing.? I am 33 years of age.
    What is the jamb cut off point

  13. Hi sir/Ma! I passed my O level in to different sittings and want to apply for jamb next year. Does my O level results qualify me to get BSC in nursing after the 260 score on jamb?

    1. If you want to apply through JAMB UTME your O-level results in English, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry must be made at ONE SITTING.

  14. What subjects will they do in the exam for entering nursing in luth, and when you said to score 260+in jamb, do u mean by entering through 100 level in unilag nursing course and how can you be able to change from nursing to medicine and surgery if you enter through nursing

    1. Anuoluwapo you can enter the School of Nursing (SON), LUTH either
      i) Directly by purchasing the SON application form (the next one will come out around February, 2018) or
      ii) Through JAMB UTME (the 2018 UTME form will soon be out).

      The subjects to be taken in the exam for SON will be based around English, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry;

      If you want to go through UTME then you should aim for 260+ in UTME. Also you must have your o-level credit pass results in English, Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry at ONE sitting.

      Finally, if you want to study Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) apply directly for it through UTME and aim for a score of 320+. Thinking of changing from Nursing to MBBS does not work.

    1. No you can’t. To qualify to apply for the LUTH SON form you must have English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at ONE or TWO sittings.

  15. Hey dear! Please I had my first degree in applied biochemistry and I came out with 2:2,is this result acceptable and how can I use it to go for a direct entry into the nursing dept?

  16. I have credit in physics chemistry biology mathematics and English ,I want to know the kind of exam I would be prepping for (Entrance exam)

  17. Am a biochemistry holder and I want to enter nursing pls what next should I do?
    And I will like to know when the from be out?

    1. If you have a second class upper division or first class in biochemistry then you purchase direct entry (D.E) form from JAMB and apply for BSc. nursing programme in LUTH SON in 2018.

  18. Good evening. pls I want to make an enquiry . 260+ is required in jamb . what about the post utme what the cut of for nursing or has it been canceled as said by the federal government?

    1. Yes 260+ in JAMB UTME is recommended for Nursing. A score of 22/30 is also recommended in the Unilag post UTME. The ban on post UTME was lifted by the Federal Government in 2017.

        1. Which course do you want to study in LUTH? If Nursing, then you apply for Nursing in your UTME application to University of Lagos.

    1. Yes you can use GCE (I believe you mean WASSCE for private candidates conducted by WAEC) to apply for programmes in Lagos University Teaching Hospital, LUTH.

    1. February is the normal time the application form comes out Atinuke. But it can be affected by circumstances like strike actions. Do you know that their is an ongoing strike in Unilag right now?

  19. please is there any exam dat a RN has to write that it will b equivalent to BSN if he/ she does not want to go tru d university

  20. Hope two sittings is acceptable,I mean GCE(for private candidate )and waec for school candidate,is it acceptable for general nursing?

    1. Yes a combination of results from two sittings is acceptable as long as both results are for exams conducted by the same examining body, in your case WAEC.

  21. Pls sir z it compulsory for me to put unilag when filling my jamb form to have Bsc in nursing can just put luth in utme form

  22. Sir I have 5 credit chemistry,physics, biology, mathematics,computer but I have E8 in English can I still get applied to LUTH school of nursing…..I got dis in one sit sir

    1. Ifunanya your application will not succeed if you do not have O-Level credit pass in all of English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology at one or two sittings from the same examining body.

      You will have to enrol again to credit English as it is compulsory (along with Mathematics) for virtually all programmes in higher institutions in Nigeria.

      Thank you.

    1. The academic requirement for admission into SON, LUTH is O-Level credit pass in English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics at not more than TWO sittings.

  23. Good Afternoon sir/ma
    firstly:school of nurse admission form, luth 2018/2019 is it out?
    secondly: can I use only waec result of two sittings for generic nursing program?

    1. Hello Mary the School of Nursing admission form, 2018/2019 is not out. It is expected to be towards the end of February.

      Yes you can use WAEC results obtained at two sittings to apply for generic nursing program. You do not need JAMB for the generic nursing program application.

    1. Yes you can use WAEC results obtained at two sittings to apply for generic nursing program. You do not need JAMB for the generic nursing program application.

    1. First you buy your form which is likely to be out towards the end of February.
      It is when the forms are released that we will know the date of the first entrance exam/aptitude test. But it could be towards the end of May.

  24. Goodday,i have my first degree in communication technology graduated with a third class,my waec result with english, maths,biology,chemistry and physics,I wish to apply for nursing program,please how do I go about this do I take direct entry or what do I do please.thank you.

    1. The 2018 form should be out towards the end of February. There is no need for JAMB when applying to the LUTH, SON to study to become a registered nurse (RN).

  25. Please sir,firstly: What are my requirements to apply for medicine and surgery at luth, secondly sir of probably we take our first entrance exam and interviews,is there a probability that we resume lectures this year sir.

  26. Good morning please can I get notified if 2018 /2019 forum is out. Or do you have any idea of when it would be out.

    1. The form is expected to be out by the end of February, 2018. Keep in touch with this blog and we will notify you once it is out.

  27. Pls sir/ma ,Is it compulsory i obtained the form online? is it only online registration,can I come directly to luth to get the form or not?

    1. We expect the form to be out by the end of this month. That is also when we can know the cost of the form. Keep in touch with this blog and we will let you know when the School Of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital releases the SON application form for the 2018/2019 session.

  28. Please,will unilag accept Agricultural Science instead of Biology for Social Work???? I have c5 in Agric. While I failed Biology D7…please help me.

    1. Hello Ezekiel,

      Agricultural Science is not a required O-level subject for Social Work. You can’t use it.

      What are your O-level results in full?

    1. There are differences.

      To become a Registered Nurse (RN) you enrol in a 3 year programme at a nursing school like School of Nursing (SON), LUTH. On successful completion you get awarded a certificate to practise as a RN in Nigeria. Entry here does not require JAMB.

      To be awarded a BSc Nursing (which is a University degree) you enrol in a 5 year programme. Entry is by JAMB through UTME.

  29. Pls sir can I study surgeon nurse in son Luth sir. I would be seating for this year jamb sir and can I buy the nursing form that would be coming out this year

    1. Dear Debbie your first step to specializing in any field of nursing in Nigeria begins with:
      i) applying to enrol in SON, LUTH to qualify as a Registered Nurse (RN);
      ii) applying though JAMB UTME to study BSc Nursing.

      Yes you can seat for this year’s UTME and apply for the SON form.

    1. please does son luth have cut off mark? if yes what is the cut off mark
      secondly is it true that the form is out for 2018/2019 because u posted it here
      please urgent answer is needed

  30. Pls,in my own case whereby two sittings is required,is it a must that two certificates must be used,what if one of the certificate is not yet ready I would I go about it?

  31. Good evening sir, Pls how do I get their past i can have a hint of what and how the exam will look like

  32. Hello sir wen i Google it and I saw number for school admin now I already paid tru bank and I did not see any message from d school

  33. good a evening sir. my o levels are complete but I graduated with 2:2 in biochemistry, can I apply for nursing?

    1. Are you considering applying for the School of Nursing programme to train to become a Registered Nurse or are you considering to applying for BSc Nursing programme by Direct Entry?

  34. I saw this on d net now.
    Luth school of nursing :
    Hostel -40k
    School fees- 145k.
    Miscellaneous- 100k .

    Pls help me find out ,is it true or genuine .?

  35. Pls sir, the LUTH form that came out is indicating it’s dental nursing and assistant dental surgeon, are there no other course,i want to know when the general nursing form will be out like studying general nursing and midwifery. I don’t want to go for dental nursing. Pls make me understand there procedure. Thanks

    1. By Direct Entry (D.E), yes. You do not require UTME for direct entry application. But you must meet the D.E. requirements.

  36. I made my papers and am getting ready to gain admission into luth school of nursing ,but no idea on what to read on,can you please explain to me what kind of entrance exam I will be sitting for and is they interview also and is form for this year gone?

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