How to order your Unilag post UTME and Foundation Programme Entrance Exams Past Questions and Solutions

The tested and trusted method to prepare for Unilag entrance examinations is to be familiar with the past questions. We have solved past questions with detailed solutions to guide candidates prepare for success.

The soft copies of the past questions and solutions can be purchased from us for two thousand five hundred naira only (N2,500). We will email the past questions to you on confirmation of payment. In addition to the past questions you also gain access to our online test portal at to practice tests in English Language, Mathematics and General Paper.

You can also order hard copy type of the past questions as priced in the table below.

SN Past question type Price
1 Soft Copy N2500
2 Hard Copy N3000 (You pick up at Unilag)
2 Hard Copy N3500 (We deliver to your location in Lagos)

You can pay into any of the bank accounts below and thereafter send an SMS containing your name, email and phone number to 08138420491. Feel free to call us for clarification.

Our bank details are:
Caseray Solutions Limited, 0017354267, Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB); or
Caseray Solutions Limited, 1962003350, Ecobank; or
Caseray Solutions Limited, 1012747639, Zenith Bank.

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Below is our archive of past questions which you can download for free after you register with us.

You can filter by the options provided below

SN Subject ExamYear Description
1 MathsPost UTME 2016Post UTME Maths 2016
2 General PaperPost UTME 2016Post UTME General Paper 2016
3 EnglishPost UTME 2016Post UTME English 2016
4 MathsPost UTME 2015Post UTME Maths 2015
5 General PaperPost UTME 2015Post UTME General Paper 2015
6 EnglishPost UTME 2015Post UTME English 2015
7 EnglishPost UTME 2013Post UTME English 2013
8 MathsFoundation 2012Foundation Mathematics 2012
9 LiteratureFoundation 2012Foundation Literature 2012
10 GovernmentFoundation 2012Foundation Government 2012
11 EnglishFoundation 2012Foundation English 2012
12 EconomicsFoundation 2012Foundation Economics 2012
13 CRKFoundation 2012Foundation CRK 2012
14 MathsFoundation 2011Foundation Mathematics 2011
15 LiteratureFoundation 2011Foundation Literature 2011
16 GovernmentFoundation 2011Foundation Government 2011
17 Further MathsFoundation 2011Foundation Further Maths 2011
18 EnglishFoundation 2011Foundation English 2011
19 CRKFoundation 2011Foundation CRK 2011
20 MathsPost UTME 2010Post UTME Maths 2010
21 EnglishPost UTME 2010Post UTME English 2010
22 PhysicsFoundation 2010Foundation Physics 2010
23 MathsFoundation 2010Foundation Mathematics 2010
24 LiteratureFoundation 2010Foundation Literature 2010
25 LiteratureFoundation 2010Foundation Literature 2009
26 GovernmentFoundation 2010Foundation Government 2010
27 Further MathsFoundation 2010Foundation Further Maths 2010
28 EnglishFoundation 2010Foundation English 2010
29 EconomicsFoundation 2010Foundation Economics 2010
30 CRKFoundation 2010Foundation CRK 2010
31 ChemistryFoundation 2010Foundation Chemistry 2010
32 BiologyFoundation 2010Foundation Biology 2010
33 MathsPost UTME 2009Post UTME Maths 2009
34 EnglishPost UTME 2009Post UTME English 2009
35 PhysicsFoundation 2009Foundation Physics 2009
36 MathsFoundation 2009Foundation Mathematics 2009
37 GovernmentFoundation 2009Foundation Government 2009
38 Further MathsFoundation 2009Foundation Further Maths 2009
39 EnglishFoundation 2009Foundation English 2009
40 EconomicsFoundation 2009Foundation Economics 2009
41 CRKFoundation 2009Foundation CRK 2009
42 ChemistryFoundation 2009Foundation Chemistry 2009
43 BiologyFoundation 2009Foundation Biology 2009
44 AccountsFoundation 2009Foundation Accounting 2009
45 MathsPost UTME 2008Post UTME Maths 2008
46 EnglishPost UTME 2008Post UTME English 2008
47 PhysicsFoundation 2008Foundation Physics 2008
48 MathsFoundation 2008Foundation Mathematics 2008
49 LiteratureFoundation 2008Foundation Literature 2008
50 GovernmentFoundation 2008Foundation Government 2008
51 EnglishFoundation 2008Foundation English 2008
52 EconomicsFoundation 2008Foundation Economics 2008
53 ChemistryFoundation 2008Foundation Chemistry 2008
54 BiologyFoundation 2008Foundation Biology 2008
55 AccountsFoundation 2008Foundation Accounting 2008


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