Personalised Tutoring for the Unilag MBA Entrance Examination

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The Unilag Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme is one of the most sought after among the School of Post Graduate Studies (SPGS) programmes. The programme options are:

i) MBA – full time;

ii) MBA – part time;

iii) MBA – executive.

So many candidates apply for very limited slots and as a result of the high competition only a fraction of the applicants can be admitted.

However, those who are adequately prepared will perform well in the entrance examination and have a higher chance of beating the admission cut-off mark. This is where we come in at

We have master tutors who can break down the concepts of the MBA entrance exam at a personalised level. Given time and commitment, our tutoring sessions will help the applicant understand the concepts of the exam hence increasing the applicant’s chances of performing excellently in the exam and getting admitted.

Do you want to enrol for our personalised tutoring master classes? Call or WhatsApp us on 08092327228.


Ugochukwu Ukwuegbu


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