Requirements for Mass Communication in Unilag

Mass Communication

University of Lagos Undergraduate specific admission requirements for Mass Communication 2018.

UTME Requirements: Five O/Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics Literature-in-English and two of Economics, History / Government, Geography, any Nigerian Language, CRS/IRS and Civic Education.

UTME Subjects: English Language, Literature-in-Englishand any two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences. ** Mathematics is accepted.

Direct Entry Requirements: Very good passes in three JUPEB/A Level subjects: Literature-in-Englishand any two of Economics, Government, History and CRS/IRS.

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62 thoughts on “Requirements for Mass Communication in Unilag”

    1. Yes you can study Mass Comm in Unilag without Economics in your O-levels as long as you meet the following requirements:
      Five O/Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics Literature-in-English and two of Economics, History / Government, Geography, any Nigerian Language, CRS/IRS and Civic Education.

    1. In Unilag post UTME aptitude test every candidate will write English Language, Mathematics and General Paper.

  1. I failed economics and passed commerce government English mathematics and account what course can I do for diploma

    1. You can if you have the required o-level subjects. Economics is not a compulsory subject for Mass Communication.

      If you list your O-level results I can tell you if they meet the requirements for Mass Communication in Unilag.

      The UTME subjects for Mass Communication are: English Language, Literature-in-English and any two subjects from Arts or Social Sciences.

      ** Mathematics is accepted.

      1. Mathematics C5
        English Language C6
        Civic Education C6
        Crs C5
        Goverment C6
        Economics D7
        Yoruba C5
        Literature In English C6
        Dyeing Bleaching C5

        1. Dear Moyosola, your O-level results meet the requirements for Mass Communication in Unilag. Your 5 best subjects are: English Language, Mathematics, Literature in English, CRS, and Yoruba.

          Government and Civic can replace CRS and Yoruba but you made better grades in CRS and Yoruba.

  2. Please , i have 250 in jamb, 20 in post utme and waec are Eng. c4, math c5, lit in Eng. c5,
    Govt A1, Civic A1,CRK B3,Econ C4, Catering B3, Yoruba B3.
    My question is the authority going to choose my best result from this result . if the authority chooses Eng , Math, Lit in Eng and Govt and Civic , my total score will be 66.85 and i will be qualify to study Mass comm, bcos of my catchment area -Ogun State.Please what is my chance?

    1. You’ll have to hope, and pray that the official who calculated your aggregate score used your best 5 o-level subjects for Mass Communication.

  3. My results…are
    Crs E8
    Econs E8
    Government B3
    Literature C6
    Civic C5
    Maths B3
    Biology B3
    Catering craft C5
    What i wanna ask concerning this result is that can i enter unilag with this result for mass communication and what should be my target for jamb score sir?

  4. Please what are my chances of being admitted into waec result is a1 maths, b2 Civic,bk b3, crs c5, econs c4,govt c4,eng c4,literature c6.scored 248 in jamb and 13 in post utme.

    1. Using your best 5 required subjects for Mass Communication of Maths – 1, English – 4, Literature – 6, Civic – 2, Economics – 4, your o-level aggregate is 15.2/20; Your UTME contribution is 248/8 = 31. With post UTME of 13 your total score is 15.2 + 31 + 13 = 59.2 points.

      The 2018 merit cut-off mark for Mass Comm is 69.3 points.

  5. i had A1 in maths,b2 in civic,b2 in government,b3 in crk ,c4 in in english,c4 in catering and craft,c5 in economics,c5 in economics and scored 226 in jamb and i had 11 in post utme do i have a chance of studying mass comm in unilag or will unilag give me admission and change my course or should i change my course.
    i need answer,am confused.

    1. Yes you can Becky. Use English, Maths, Literature and any two of CRS, Econs, Civic.

      But you must score high in UTME. Say 300+

  6. Pls sir i don’t really know economics can i change it with crk then my utme combination will be english, lit-in-eng, crk, govt

    1. Yes Anu, a UTME subject combination of English Language, Literature in English, CRK and Government is fine for Mass Communication in Unilag.

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