Requirements for Sociology in Unilag

Igbo Sociology and culture

University of Lagos Undergraduate specific admission requirements for sociology 2018.

UTME Requirements: Five O/Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, and any two of Economics, Government / History, Civic Education and Geography and any one of Literature-in-English, CRS/IRS, and any Nigerian Language.


UTME Subjects: English Language, two Social Sciences and one Arts subject.  ** Mathematics is accepted.


Direct Entry Requirements: Very good passes in three JUPEB/A Level subjects: Any three of Economics, Government, Geography, History and CRS/IRS.

See requirements for other courses in the faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos at:

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  1. Thanks for this post
    I have a friend who has a National Diploma in Medical Social Work, can she study sociology in unilag through direct entry?

  2. i have eng,math,govn,crs, and civic education in my waeec ..and i wrote math,crs,eng,gov in my jamb …am l good to go for sociology in unilag ?

    1. I had civic education,crs,maths,english,biology,economics in my waec .And i did english,crs,government and literature in my jamb. Am i good to go for sociology or philosophy in unilag? pls advise.

          1. No. For your O-levels Biology, Commerce and F. Accounting are not accepted for Sociology. Replace them with any two of Economics, Government or History, Civic Education and Geography

  3. sir wat is d requirement for English in unilag tho I dnt know wat the Nigerian language means there for jamb.I did English,economics,govt and lit in english in jamb.

    1. The required UTME subjects for English in Unilag are: “English Language, Literature-in-English and any two of CRS/IRS, French, History / Government and any Nigerian Language.”

      Economics is not one of the Unilag required UTME subjects for English. You are advised to apply for a change of course to a course that your subject combination meets the requirement.


          1. No. You need to replace CRS with any of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Economics.

  4. scored 221 in the just concluded exams.applied for sociology in unilag..utme subjects: eng,commerce,lit in eng, government..what are my chances

    1. Your UTME subject combination are fine for sociology. To be competitive for Sociology in Unilag you needed 250 in your UTME. (Recommended scores are: UTME – 250, O-level aggregate – 15/20, and post UTME – 21/30 or 70%)

      It now depends on your O-Level aggregate and your post UTME to make up the shortfall.

  5. Please what can I study with d combination of eng econs government nd commerce..please ansa needed asap…in unilag?

  6. pls wwhat course can i study with eng econs govt and my two major arts subj were cancelled by waec lit and c.r.k…pls what course in thinkin of philosophy isit cool??

    1. You needed 245 to be competitive for Sociology.

      But with 210 a lot now depends on your post UTME and your O-level aggregate.

  7. I score 250 in my utme and I want to study sociology in unilag but I don’t ave economics in my o.level result… and I checked the requirement but i don’t understand the subject combination for sociology that they said “and any other Nigeria language

    1. Economics is not compulsory for Sociology. It would have helped if you had Economics though.

      If you tell me the O-level subjects you credited at ONE sitting I will reply if you have the subject requirements for Sociology.

  8. I scored 219 in the just concluded jamb. My subject combinations in jamb are Eng, Maths, Economics and Commerce. In waec I have at a sitting: Eng, Maths, Gov, Econs, Civic Edu, Commerce, Accounts, Biology. Plz what course can I apply for in Unilag

  9. these are my olevel results
    so wat shud i do pls

    1. You need an Art subject (Lit-in-Eng, CRS/IRS, or any Nigerian Language) to complete your 5 required O-level subjects for Sociology in Unilag. This means you do not have the 5 required O-level subjects for Sociology.

      A Social Science course which you meet the O-level requirements is Social Work. But then, I do not yet know which subjects you wrote in your UTME.

        1. Your UTME subject combination is fine for Social Work. I advise that you apply for a change of course to Social Work.

  10. Unilag requires three art or social science subjects.
    So, my jamb combo are English,govt,commerce and economics
    Biko, am i on the track?

    1. You are not on track Gloria.

      The UTME combo for Sociology is: English Language, two Social Sciences and one Arts subject.

      ** Mathematics is accepted.

      You have no Arts subject or Mathematics in there.

  11. I got 236 in the previous jamb exam(utme subject English,Government,Mathematics,Economics).Am i good to go for sociology

    1. Your UTME subjects are fine for sociology. 236 in JAMB qualifies you for post UTME buy you must score high in your post UTME. Your O-level results must also meet the requirements for sociology.

  12. My olevel:
    Commerce B3
    Marketing B2
    Economics B3
    Geography C4
    Government A1
    Civic-edu A1
    English B3
    Maths B3
    Biology C6.

    Utme subjects:
    Pls can I study sociology

    1. Dear Oreva, you won’t be accepted for Sociology in Unilag because you do not meet the ‘one Arts subject’ requirement in both your O-level subjects and your UTME combination. You need any of Literature-in-English, CRS/IRS, or any Nigerian Language on both sides of the requirements.

      Your combinations are perfect for Geography though in the same faculty of Social Science.

  13. Sir am I good to for sociology, 235,
    Utme -English, govt, literature, crk
    O level-maths ,English, economics, crs ,govt,literature

    1. You are within reach of the recommended UTME score of 241 for sociology.

      Now you have to make up ground with very good O-Level results and an excellent performance in the Unilag post UTME.

  14. Sir can declaration of age be used instead of birth cert, I can’t find mine(birth cert
    Secondly-the local govt area cert of origin,is it the same with cert of origin/identification
    *Must we use the statement of result or origin waec cert for the post utme registration,can’t we use the printed out copy
    If one uses it ,hope he or she won’t be penalised

  15. I didn’t make literature in my wace so I’d like to change course to sociology. Should I wait till after post utme and do it in school? Is it possible to change now?

  16. I chose English but I didn’t make literature in my wace. Can I change to sociology? When should I change and where?

    1. Go buy a change of course form from the centre where you bought your UTME form or any recognised UTME registration centre.

    1. Yes you can apply for sociology without Yoruba as an O-level result.

      If you list the O-level subjects that you have I will give you an exact answer.

    1. You do not meet the required UTME subjects for Sociology. You must substitute one of your Arts Subjects (Literature in English or IRS) with a Social Science subject or Mathematics.

    1. To study Sociology you will need to replace agriculture with ANY ONE one of Literature-in-English, CRS/IRS, and any Nigerian Language.

  17. Good afternoon am really confused here…. My jamb subject combination is English economics commerce and government but in my waec I had D7 in economics and civic but I did well i other waec subjects including accounting… I applied for sociology and my jamb score is 222 am I good to go and if no is it possible to change my course after post utme… Thanks in advance help a sis

  18. Please, I need to know the courses I can apply for in unilag since my aggregate in law is 63 and the cut off is 69 for my catchment area. I didn’t write any Nigerian language except for French in my o’level and for my UTME, I wrote English, CRK, literature in English and Government. Please sir is it possible to change my course to sociology in unilag? Thanks

  19. Pls my utme subjects are english ,literature crk and govt.
    O levels are english maths economics govt and civic education. Scored 275 in jamb and 17 in post utme. Am i good to go for sociology?

    1. No you are not good to go for Sociology. You have only ONE social science subjects (Government) when the requirements says you need TWO social science subjects to apply for Sociology in Unilag.

      The UTME subjects for Sociology in Unilag are: English Language, two Social Sciences and one Arts subject.
      ** Mathematics is accepted.

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