How to calculate your chances for gaining undergraduate admission into Unilag this 2018 through UTME

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By now (May 2018) candidates who wrote the 2018 UTME and who made University of Lagos (Unilag) their first choice can assess their chances of gaining undergraduate admission this year. The first condition is that they must score 200 and above to qualify to write post UTME.

Second, they need to bear in mind that in 2017 Unilag calculated the aggregate scores of candidates by weighting UTME at 50%; O-Level results at 20%; and post UTME at 30%.

If you wrote the UTME you can calculate your UTME component by dividing your UTME score by 8. (400/8 = 50).

O-Level aggregate is calculated using only 5 required O-Level subjects for the course you wish to study as follows: A1 = 4.0 points; B2 = 3.6 points; B3 = 3.2 points; C4 = 2.8 points; C5 = 2.4 points and C6 = 2.0 points. (4.0 x 5 = 20).

For example, let us say Bisi scored 205 in UTME for Theatre Arts (under Creative Arts) and her O-Level results were as follows: English Language – C5; Mathematics – C4; Literature-In-English – C6; Government – A1; and Visual Arts – C6. Her total score so far would be 25.63 (UTME component) + 13.2 (O-Level aggregate) = 38.83 out of 70 points.

Given that in 2017 the merit cut-off score for Theatre Arts was 62.15 points we estimate that Bisi would need 62.15 – 38.83 = 23.32 points in post UTME to have a good shot at the merit list for Theatre Arts.

The 2017 Unilag post UTME was scored to 30 points. The highest score in that exercise was 26/30.

Now, if Bisi feels confident that she could score 23.32 in post UTME then she could press on. However, experience tells us that a realistic target for Bisi would be 20 points. We would thus advise her to consider switching to a course with a 2017 cut-off score of around 56 points like Visual Arts or Music both under Creative Arts in Unilag.

Armed with information about her admission chances a Bisi can decide whether to apply to JAMB for a change course or institution while she still can.

The advice we give is based on data of past performances and the candidate’s academic strength. It has proven to be a sound method of analysis.

Feel free to chat with us via WhatsApp on 08092327228 and we will analyse your admission chances into Unilag this 2018. You can also post your comments below. We will reply.


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62 thoughts on “How to calculate your chances for gaining undergraduate admission into Unilag this 2018 through UTME”

  1. Goodday sir,pls I want to know my chances in gaining admission this year.
    I scored 245 in jamb and I want to study accounting .I calculated my o-level aggregate score nd I scored 16/20.
    Pls sir do I have a chance in gaining admission this year with the course?

    1. Yes you have a chance Pelumi. Your current score is 46.63/70. You need 24/30 in your post UTME to have a good chance at making the merit list for Accounting this 2018.

    1. You qualify to write post UTME in Unilag. 211 is relatively low for Mass Comm. You will need to support this score with strong results in your O-levels and your post UTME.

    1. Your current aggregate score is 33.38 (267/8) + 14 = 47.38/70.

      You need 20/30 to have a good chance of making the merit list for Biochemitry.

      Your chances are decent. Prepare well for post UTME. We can assist you with original Unilag post UTME past questions and home tutorial services. Call or WhatsApp 08092327228.

  2. Please sir, I I scored 208 in jamb and I want to study banking and finance and My olevel result is 16/20.
    What are my chances Sir

  3. please I scored 270 in jamb and 11 in post utme, am aspiring for theatre arts in unilag, please is there any chance I could be admitted

    1. If the candidates scores high enough to beat the cutoff score and meet the admission requirements for the course, yes.

  4. Pls sir..I scored better in my further maths Dan account and I’m studying accounting.. Pls is it unilag DAT will choose d 5 core subject or its me?

  5. sir please I hard 249 in my jamb, and I got 15.6 in my waec, my post utme I had 19….that add up to 65.73 is that ok for computer science sir

    and also I had a better score in my biology than my chemistry but I put my chemistry ahead ..

  6. sir please I had 249 in my jamb, and I got 15.6 in my waec, my post utme I had 19….that adds up to 65.73 is that ok for computer science sir
    and also I had a better score in my biology than my chemistry but I put my chemistry ahead…any solution sir

  7. Please sir, I had 221 in UTME, and 11 in post UTME, do I have a chance in UNILAG to study biochemistry? Or will they offer me another course there?

  8. Pls sir my 5 core subject to study business administration in Unilag is not complete… Can I change my course now on jamb website

  9. I have a 76.6 aggregate and as the present merit list is out the cut off is 79.2.
    What are the chances of still getting into unilag with the supplementary list

  10. i scored 226 in jamb,i got 29 point and my waec 17.2 points and i scored 11 in post utme.
    do i have a chance of studying mass comm in unilag?

  11. Sir can I study psychology
    My o level result are
    Maths b3
    English c6
    Biology c5
    Civic b3
    Government b3
    Crk c5
    Catering crafts d7
    So I’m worried because Unilag does not accept crk but i am not sure if they will accept Civic

    1. Unilag accepts O-level results made at ONE sitting. You can contact us via WhatsApp on 08092327228. Thank you.

  12. I want to study computer science…my waec aggregate is 16.0 with chemistry and 16.8 with biology is it possible they’ll use the biology instead?

  13. I scored 240 in jamb.. when I did my 0-level calculation. I got 16..pls what are d chances dat I will make it into unilag merit cut off mark for accounting.. and if not what shld I do

    1. Your current aggregate score is 46/70. You will be needing about 25/30 in post utme for a good chance at merit list for accounting.

  14. Good day sir I had 221 in jamb nd I scored 7 in my post utme,I want to study insurance
    Sir z it possible for Unilag to give me admission

  15. Pls I scored 231 in my 2019 jamb and 14 out of 30 in my utme exam ..I want to study mass com in Unilag I qualified for admission

  16. Good evening sir, my current aggregate is 61.18 and I want to study English. Pls sir what is the probability of gaining admission into unilag? If not, what advice can u give to me?

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