How to prepare for success in Unilag post UTME 2018

Integrated Science Education

Success in gaining admission into the University of Lagos (Unilag) for undergraduate studies through UTME depends on good information, sound preparation, a healthy work ethic and the will to study right for the required entrance examinations.

Steps to prepare for success are:

  1. Ensure you have met the O-Level and UTME subject requirements for your chosen course. Click here to relevant page.
  2. Do a good analysis of your admission chances.
  3. Get the right materials to prepare with like post UTME past questions;
  4. Enrol for tutorials with people who know what the Unilag post UTME is like;
  5. Keep yourself informed with relevant information like examination dates and admission timelines.


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Tools to help you prepare for Unilag admission success.

Unilag cut-off marks

O-Level aggregate scores

UTME target scores

Past Questions and Answers

10 thoughts on “How to prepare for success in Unilag post UTME 2018”

  1. I scored 226 in jamb and i have maths a1, eng c4, bio c4, chem b3, phy b3. I applied for mbbs in unilag what are my chances of admission in unilag. Please your reply will help me a lot.

    1. Dear Promise,

      Your O-level aggregate is 16/20, your UTME contribution is 226/8 = 28.25/50. Your current aggregate score is 44.25/70.

      The Unilag post UTME is scaled to 30 points and if you score 30/30 in it your total aggregate score will be 74.25 points. In 2017 the merit cut-off score for MBBS was 77.03 points.

      See a database of Unilag cut-off marks from 2011 – 2017 at

  2. i got 238 in my jamb my olevel is b2, b3, b3, b3, c6, but my post utme is 11 and i choose social work can i still gain admission

    1. Your O-level aggregate is 15.2/20, UTME is 29.75 (238/8) and add post UTME of 11 then your aggregate score is: 55.95.

      However, Unilag accepts of 12 in their post UTME.

  3. Apart from soft or hard copies past questions, what app can you recommend for unilag post utme preparation?

      1. I scored 252 in utme, and my o’level aggregate is 14.8 what do I need to score in post utme to gain admission in Unilag for mass communication?
        Pls, your reply will help me alot.

  4. I scored 224 in jamb and my aggregate in waec is 12/20. I applied for Economics in Unilag, what are my chances of admission in unilag. Please your reply will help me a lot.

    1. Dear Mary, your current aggregate score is 40/70. In 2018 the merit score for Economics was 71.225/100. If the merit score for Economics is same this year it will mean you need 30/30 in your post utme for a good chance at the merit list.

      However, it could be less this year. Plus if you are from a catchment state 24/30 might be sufficient. Whatever the case you must score high in your post UTME.

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