Requirements for Actuarial Science in Unilag

Actuarial Science in Unilag

University of Lagos Undergraduate specific admission requirements for Actuarial Science 2018.

UTME Requirements: Five O/Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Economics, and any two of Financial Accounting, Data Processing, CRS/IRS, Further Mathematics, Geography, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Commerce, Civic Education, Insurance.

UTME Subjects: English Language, Mathematics, Economics and one of Further Mathematics, Geography, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Commerce, Financial Accounting.

Direct Entry Requirements:  Very good passes in three JUPEB/A Level subjects: Mathematics and any two of Financial Accounting, Further Mathematics, Geography, Government, Biology, Economics, Business Studies, Chemistry, Physics.

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58 thoughts on “Requirements for Actuarial Science in Unilag”

  1. Is futher maths complusory for actuarial science?because i heard if u dont have futher maths u might be admitted but during screening the person will be sent back home…how true is this?

    1. The compulsory O-level subjects for Actuarial Science are English Language, Mathematics and Economics.

      You can then complete the 5 required subjects with any two of Financial Accounting, Data Processing, CRS/IRS, Further Mathematics, Geography, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Commerce, Civic Education, Insurance.

      So you can be admitted for Actuarial Science without Further Mathematics.

  2. Please,I did biology,accounting, commerce,civic and insurance in my O’level, what are the likely two subjects to been chosen to complete the 5 core subjects

    1. Any two from them can be chosen. Hope you listed the results according to performance. Hope you put your best highest.

  3. Pls I need urgent replies

    NB:it’s for Unilag and my jamb combination is English,math,economics and commerce
    Tnks in anticipation

        1. It is surprising to us too because we would expect the school to use an admission requirements they published before admission application forms were filled and submitted.

          1. I have all my compuslsory O’ level result except further maths and chemistry. Am i good to go and what can be my subject combination in jamb

    1. Going by the 2018-2019 Unilag admission requirements for Actuarial Science you will need to replace Accounting with any of Geography, Government, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Commerce in your UTME subjects to be good to go for Actuarial Science.

  4. please my subject combination is maths english account and commerce is it okay for Actuarial science i did not do economics but I have it in my olevel any hope or which course fits my subj combo under faculty of administration

    1. For Actuarial Science you must do Economics in both your O-levels and UTME. Financial Accounts is not a required UTME subject for Actuarial Science.

    1. Dear Lydia your best subject combination for Actuarial Science depends on you. One possible combination is that you must have English, Mathematics and Economics. Then you make up with one or two of Physics, Chemistry or Biology.

  5. i want to do direct entry but my old jamb combination is ,bio, phy and chem . but i have upper credit in my nd result and i have complete o level result .pls can i still do the direct entry?

  6. Sir,my jamb 2019/2020 score is 190,and i register for actuarial science in unilag.My waec result english c4,maths b3,biology b3,physics b3,economics b2
    Do i have a chance of admission?

  7. I had 266 in 2019/2020 jamb and my sbj comb is MATHS ENG ECON ND COMM
    am i good to go for actuarial science in UNILAG

    1. Your UTME subject combination is fine for Actuarial Science. Your UTME score is decent.

      You also have to ensure that your O-level subjects are appropriate and that you score sufficiently high in your O-level aggregate and your post UTME to beat the 2019 cut-off for Actuarial Science.

  8. Good afternoon sir,i want to know whether principle ot accounts is still a utme requirement for actuarial science 2019/2020. Because my jamb combination is English,Mathematics,Economics and Principles of account

  9. Sir
    I out want to do math English economic. So which one did you suggest I can choose out of chemistry and civic to complete the core for subject in jamb
    For actuarial science
    Thanks in anticipation

  10. My o’level result is ENG-C5,MATHS-A1,GOVT-A1,ECONS-C6 and F/MATHS-B3


  11. Sir,one more question
    Since the course is under business administration,how does physics and chemistry has gone to do with it

    1. Well, the course is called ‘Actuarial SCIENCE’ afterall. So it is science intensive. You can see it as a course that applies scientific principles to solving business problems.

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