Requirements for Philosophy in Unilag

Philosophy in Unilag

University of Lagos Undergraduate specific admission requirements for Philosophy 2018.

UTME Requirements: Five O/Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, One Arts subject and any two Arts, Social Sciences and Science. Civic Education is also accepted.

UTME Subjects: English Language, one Arts subject and any other two subjects from Arts, Social Sciences or Science.

Direct Entry Requirements: i) Very good passes in three JUPEB/A Level subjects: Any three of Literature-in-English, Igbo/Yoruba, CRS/IRS, French, History, Economics, Government, Chemistry, Physics, Biology but at least one Arts subject,

ii) Related field with a minimum of 55% average score

iii) NCE credit in two (2) teaching subjects one of which must be Arts subjects..

See more requirements for other courses in the faculty of Arts, University of Lagos at:

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          1. Pls sir, I had math C6, EngC4, Yoruba B3, Civic B2,lit-in-eng C6 and CRS B3. And my UTME subject combination is English, C.R.S, Government and Lit-in-eng and I scored 226. Hope I can study philosophy in Unilag.

  1. I’ve B.A in philosophy can I do masters in any field related like public and Int’l affairs, if no then mastering in Phill, can I be doing it and continue my work .

    1. If you meet the requirements for the masters program, yes. Full time masters programme gives you little room to continue work. But part time masters programme (if available for your choice course) will allow you to work while you study.

  2. i didnt meet the cut off for english language and i want to change it to philosophy but i only meet the catchment for philosophy instead of merit
    what are my chances ?

    1. If you also have maths along with the 4 listed subjects above then you meet the O-level requirements for Philosophy in Unilag.

  3. Good pm,

    Please am I permitted to study philosophy with this credits, english,maths,commerce,economics, and geography.

      1. Thanks, but what if biology is included with the previous ones i listed in one result, and also government from another result making it two sitting to enable me study philosophy.

  4. gooday sir
    these are my jamb subject combination:english,government,yoruba and commerce am i good to go for philosophy

      1. sir,hope there is no problem with the commerce m writing in jamb?
        these are my o level subject;-
        math,eng,biology,economics and yoruba. are they correct for philosophy?

          1. hope there is no problem with the commerce m writing in jamb cos someone told commerce is not a socialscience subject. my course is philosophy

  5. Pls i had
    waec combination
    plz can i go for philosophy and sociology?
    Jamb combination

    1. The combination is good for Philosophy but for UTME you need to replace one arts subject with a social science subject.

  6. I had Mathematics, English, Crs, Economics, government, visual art . Am I good to go
    and my jamb subject combination.
    English, fine Art, government and Crs

  7. pls I had English c6
    govt -b2
    econs -b3
    biology -c6
    marketing -b2
    literature -d7
    jamb combination English, government, economics and crk …am I good to go for philosophy plzzz..

      1. What course can I study in unilag that is less competitive with my o’level result
        English c4
        Mathematics b3
        Biology c4
        Civic education c6
        Government c6
        Economics c6
        IRS b3
        Literature d7
        Book keeping d7

  8. pls I had credit and B’s in my exam but failed lit,in.eng woefully
    maths B2
    English C5
    government B3
    CRS B3
    civic C6
    literature F9
    Economics D7
    Biology c6
    dying and bleaching D7
    … I know it can go with philosophy but can anyone sat is related to it ? .

  9. I have credits in maths, english, government, commerce, civic, financial account, book keeping and office practice.
    my jamb combinations are english,mathematics,government and economics
    can i study philosophy.

    1. Dear David you do not meet both the UTME and O-level requirements for Philosophy in Unilag. You need at least one Arts subject in both. Government is not considered an Arts Subject in Unilag.

      Arts subjects include Literature In English, CRS/IRS, Nigerian language, French, Visual art, Fine art, etc.

  10. mathematics B3
    English language C4
    literature in English C6
    Christian religious knowledge B2
    economics C6
    Civic education A1
    government B3
    marketing B3
    Yoruba E8
    and I want to study theatre art or philosophy, are my combinations correct and did I meet the requirements.

    1. Yes your subjects meet the O-level requirements for Philosophy. Use English Language, Mathematics, CRK, Civic, and Government.

  11. thank you very much sir,
    but I thought that I will only make use of four subjects for my jamb combination and post jamb.

    1. In UTME you will write 4 subjects.
      For your O-level subjects you need 5.
      For post UTME every candidate will write English, Mathematics and General Paper.

  12. I have this result

    Data processing B3
    crs A1
    Economics B3
    Government B2
    literature in English E8
    Civic B3
    English B3
    Mathematics A1
    Biology B3.

    can I study philosophy or theater art with this result

  13. I Want to study social work in unilag.
    This are my o’level combination
    English language
    civic education
    jamb combination
    civic education

    1. No Azeez you are not good to go for social work in Unilag. For your Olevels you need to substitute one of Government, Civic Education or Economics with any of Literature-In-English, CRS/IRS, any Nigerian Language and Biology.

      For your UTME combination you need an Arts subject. Substitute one of Government, Economics or Civic Education with any of Literature-In-English, CRS/IRS, any Nigerian Language and Biology.

  14. Pls i need advice I don’t have literature in waec but I have maths english crs govt and economics can I study philosophy in unilag

  15. Pls sir how can I combine my result for jamb .
    Marketing-c5,economic-e8, government-c6, literature-e8, civil-b3, english-b3, yoruba-c4, maths-b2, agricultural-b3…for unilag

  16. Gm sir, so jamb is just combination of four subjects,how do I combine it.thanks sir for the service I real appreciate hoping to hear form you soon…

    1. Yes Ayomide, every candidate will get to write four subjects in JAMB UTME. The four subjects will depend on the requirements for the course you wish you apply for. So which course do you wish to apply for?

  17. Hi Please i had Economics, Government, Mathematics, English and Geography can i go ahead to study Philosophy in Unilag

    1. No you can’t. You need at lease one ARTS subject. Consider a course in Social Sciences Faculty. How about Geography?

  18. Sorry sir..
    For my o,level i choose
    Dying nd bleaching
    Lit in English
    Pls sir can i study philosophy with it.

  19. Please sir, for my o’level result I had math C6, English C4, Yoruba B3, Civic B2, C.R.S B3 ,Lit-In-Eng C6 and Government C6 and For my UTME subjects are English, Government, C.R.S and Lit-In-Eng. I scored 226 in my Jamb. Sir hope I can study philosophy in Unilag

    1. Dear Felicia,
      using Maths, English, Yoruba, Civic and CRS your O-level aggregate is 14.8. Your UTME component is 226/8 = 28.25.

      So your current aggregate score is 14.8 + 28.25 = 43.05/70. You must score 20+ over 30 in your post UTME for a good chance at Philosophy in Unilag.

    1. For social work your best subject combination would be Maths C6, English C4, Civic B2, Government C6, and Yoruba/CRS B3 for an aggregate O-level score of 13.6/20. Add 28.25 (226/8) from your UTME and your current aggregate score would be 41.85/70.

      You would need 22+/30 in your post UTME for a good chance at Social Work in Unilag.

  20. Please sir, can you tell me another course I can study with this my subject combination and my mark in which will give me easy admission? Because am really scared of this post UTME and I don’t want anything that will delay my admission this year sir.

    1. Start your post UTME preparation. Get your past questions and answers soft copy from us for N2500. You will also get login details to our online test portal at to practice hundreds of Unilag post UTME standard problems.

      You can reach me on WhatsApp at 08092327228.

  21. Good morning sir, Am very sorry for disturbing you sir! I want to ask this question on behalf of my friend. For her o’level result Eng c4, math B3 , AccB2, Commerce C4, Gov D7, EconsD7, Yoruba C4, Marketing B3 and Civic B3. And she scored 245 in her UTME. Pls sir can she study social work in Unilag with this her result?

    1. No she can’t study Social Work in Unilag because she does not have Government or Economics.

  22. Please what courses can I study that is less competitive in unilag with my result
    English c6
    Mathematics b3
    Biology c4
    Government c4
    Civic education c4
    Islamic studies b3
    Economic c6
    Literature d7
    Book keeping d7

    1. Dear Babatunde,

      Based on your O-level subjects you should find suitable courses in the faculties of Arts, Social Science, Education and even Business Administration.

      It is not in my place to choose a course for you. However, my advice to you is that you find a course for which you meet the subject requirements and for which the merit cut-off marks in the past 3 years is not more than 65 points.

      Get the LagTutor Android App on Google PlayStore. The app contains the required subject combinations for all undergraduate courses offered in Unilag. See:

  23. Please this is my subjects combination English, math, literature , civic , islamic studies,and utme English, literature ,commerce , islamic studies,am i good to go for philosophy?

  24. Pls can I study Philosophy in Unical with the results below;
    Marketing E8
    Lit. D7
    Gov’t. C4
    English C6
    Maths. A1
    Civic B3
    Igbo lang. C4
    Econs. B3
    Crs. B3

  25. Pls sir, have calculated my o’level results, my Jamb results and my post utme in which my aggregate score is 55.8, and I choose philosophy, And am from Osun state pls what is my chances of gaining admission?

  26. Pls sir my portal has been showing AIP since last month, hope Unilag has not stopped giving admission for 2020/2021 acedemic session, am scared sir! All my friends have seen admission! Or should I change my course from philosophy to any related course or I should hold on? Pls sir I need a quick reply!Thanks in advance

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