Requirements for Psychology in Unilag

Psychology in Unilag

University of Lagos Undergraduate specific admission requirements for Psychology 2018.

UTME Requirements: Five O/Level credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Biology and any two subjects from Science, Social Sciences or Arts subjects (including Health Education, Health Science and integrated Science).

LAGOS does not accept Commerce, CRS/IRS and Financial Accounting.


UTME Subjects: English Language and any three subjects from Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Government and Literature-in-English..

Direct Entry Requirements: Very good passes in three JUPEB/A Level subjects: Biology and any two of Economics, Government, Chemistry, Physics and Literature-in-English.

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84 thoughts on “Requirements for Psychology in Unilag”

  1. would a combination of english language, mathematics, biology, physics and economics be good enough to study psychology at unilag?.

  2. English
    Are these subject combination good for psychology in Unilag?
    And what’s the jamb cut off?

    1. Yes, your subject combination is fine for psychology in UTME.

      The 2018 cutoff mark for psychology in Unilag was 65.85. Aim for 280+ in UTME.

  3. I have a subject combination for English,mathematics,biology,economics,geography. What course can I study under education and if I cant get education wat department can I get? Thank you 😊

  4. Can I use mathematics,chemistry,English,biology,geography or agric science for o’level subject combination to study psychology in unilag.please which one of geography and agric science will be prepared to study psychology in unilag inorder not to be denied admission.please ur response is needed urgently

    1. Your O-LEVEL subject combination for Psychology is fine. It will be safer for you to use Geography as your 5th subject O-level subject over Agric. Science.

    1. No, your UTME subject combination is not acceptable for Psychology in Unilag. You have to replace CRS with any of Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry or Literature-In-English.

  5. And for the o’level combination, would English, government, biology,mathematics and economics be good??I have just credits though

    1. Your O-level subject combination is fine for Psychology in Unilag. You have to make up ground for the credits by scoring high in UTME. Say 300+

  6. Is the combination of
    Economics and
    Chemistry a good combination for psychology in unilag?

  7. Pls I have credit in math, English ,economics,agric, biology ,account. Is this OK for o level to study psychology?
    And can I use math englsh economics and account as my jamb combination.

    1. Economics is not compulsory for Psychology in Unilag. You can use Agric Science as your fifth subject if your first four subjects are correct.

    1. You must replace Agric with any of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Government, Literature-in-English in UTME for Psychology in Unilag.

    1. Yes you can if your total aggregate score beats the merit cut-off for Psychology and you meet the admission requirements

  8. I am a science student, I made credits in Biology, chemistry, English, physics and mathematics. Can I write biology, English, chemistry and physics in jamb to study Psychology. And do Unilag accept Neco results?it is one sitting.

  9. for my o’level result I have c6 in economics b2 in crs b3 in government b3 in English b2 in math and a1 in civic am I good to go

  10. pls I av maths,English,biology,government,literature in English is this okay to study psychology in unilag. need urgent response. thanks

  11. Please this is my result
    Economics e8
    Government c6
    Literature e8
    Civic b3
    English b3
    Maths b2
    Biology c4
    Can I study psychology in unilag with this result

        1. Dear Dalmas,
          The UTME subject combination for Psychology is: English Language and any three subjects from Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Government and Literature-in-English.

          To meet the requirement you have to remove Yoruba and replace it with any of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Literature-in-English.

          1. Can i replace yoruba with maths in jamb . then 0level i wil use eng, maths, biology, govt and yor or civic or fisheries. pls is it possible?

          2. Yes you can replace Yoruba with Mathematics in your UTME combination. I have replied your o-LEVEL question elsewhere.

  12. My result
    English c6
    Economics c5
    Government b3
    Maths c6
    Biology c6
    Civic c4
    Can I use a combination of English, government, biology and economics for utme?

  13. Can i study psycology in unilag with the jamb combination of eng, bio, govt and yoruba. and for 0’level, english,maths, govt, biology and yoruba. pls sir its urgent

    1. No. The problem is with Yoruba as one of your UTME subjects. Replace it with any of Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Literature-in-English.

  14. My result sir,
    Govt- C5
    Lit in eng- E8
    Yoruba- C5
    Please sir how do i combine it in jamb for psycology in unilag. and for the 0level. pls

    1. For your O-level use: English, Maths, Biology, Fisheries, and Civic.

      For UTME: English Language and any three subjects from Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Government and Literature-in-English.

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