How to apply for Admission into Unilag School of Foundation Studies (Former Foundation Programmes) 2018/2019 Session

Application opens on Monday, 7th May, 2018 and closes on Friday, 27th July, 2018. Entrance Exam Dates: 13 – 17 August, 2018.

Applications are invited from suitably qualified candidates into the School of Foundation Studies, University of Lagos for the 2018/2019 Academic Session.


Highly successful candidates, after an approved examination administered by the Joint Universities Preliminary Examination Board (JUPEB), are eligible for consideration for Direct Entry admission into the 200 Level of the Degree Programmes of the University through JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board), or admission into the University of Bedfordshire, University of Central Lancashire, University of the West of England, De Montfort University, Leicester, and University of Birmingham, UK and Soochow University, China. Please note that the programme does not currently have facilities for the visually impaired and is strictly a non-residential programme.


The School of Foundation Studies will provide an intensive one-year programme, teaching subjects in line with the JUPEB Syllabus for admission according to the following subject combination groupings:


SN       Subject Combination        Designation

1          Accounting_Business Studies_Economics       SFS01

2          Accounting_Economics_Geography    SFS02

3          Accounting_Economics_Government SFS03

4          Visual Arts_Christian Religious Studies_Government          SFS04

5          Visual Arts_Christian Religious Studies_Music           SFS05

6          Visual Arts_Government_Music            SFS06

7          Visual Arts_Literature In English_Music          SFS07

8          Visual Arts_Mathematics_Physics         SFS08

9          Biology_Chemistry_Physics        SFS09

10       Biology_Economics_Government         SFS11

11       Biology_Economics_Literature In English       SFS12

12       Biology_Mathematics_Physics   SFS13

13       Business Studies_Economics_Government    SFS14

14       Chemistry_Economics_Mathematics   SFS15

15       Chemistry_Physics_Mathematics         SFS16

16       Christian Religious Studies_French_Literature In English   SFS17

17       Christian Religious Studies_Government_Music      SFS18

18       Christian Religious Studies_Government_Yoruba    SFS19

19       Christian Religious Studies_Government_Igbo         SFS20

20       Christian Religious Studies_Literature In English_History  SFS21

21       Christian Religious Studies_Literature In English_Music     SFS22

22       Economics_Geography_Government SFS23

23       Economics_Government_Islamic Studies       SFS24

24       Economics_Government_Literature In English         SFS25

25       Economics_Mathematics_Physics        SFS26

26       French_Government_Islamic Studies  SFS27

27       French_History_Islamic Studies            SFS28

28       Government_Christian Religious Studies_Economics         SFS29

29       Government_History_Islamic Studies SFS30

30       Government_Literature In English_History   SFS31

31       Government_Literature In English_Music      SFS32

32       History_Government_Christian Religious Studies    SFS33

33       Islamic Studies_Government_Literature In English SFS34

34       Literature In English_Government_Christian Religious Studies    SFS35

35       Literature In English_History_Islamic Studies            SFS36

36       Mathematics_Geography_Economics SFS37

37       Mathematics_Physics_Geography       SFS38

38       Government_Islamic Studies_Economics       SFS39

39       Biology_Chemistry_Economics  SFS40

40       Visual Arts_Government_Islamic Studies       SFS41

41       Visual Arts_Christian Religious Studies_History        SFS42



A minimum of FIVE credits (English Language, Mathematics and three relevant subjects) obtained in one sitting at the SSCE/WASSC, GCE/O/L, NECO with results obtained before registration.

University of Lagos has zero tolerance for drug abuse, sexual harassment, examination malpractice and other anti-social behaviour. All admitted students will undergo compulsory medical test.




i) visit the University of Lagos website (

ii) on the prospective students menu, click on the School of Foundation Studies

iii) go through the information on subject combinations relevant to your proposed choice of course of study for Direct Entry admission.

iv) complete the Pre-Application Form to obtain a payment reference number (PRN) using the applicant’s names.

For University of Lagos Staff Children:

Click the staff biological child link, provide 5 digit staff ID number and select appropriate name on the staff children list to  obtain a payment reference number (PRN).


Cost of Application Form (including on line practice tests (excluding Bank Charges): N25, 000.00 (non-refundable).


v) Make payment at any Commercial bank in Nigeria with the payment reference number (PRN)

vi) Return to the University website, click on School of Foundation Studies and click on continue Application. Log in with PRN and applicant’s surname in lowercase as password.

vii) Complete the application form, print two copies and bring along to the entrance examination on 13 – 17 August, 2018.

N.B.: Please read the information on the subject combination relevant to your course of study before completing the application forms online


The Application opens on Monday, 7th May, 2018 and closes on Friday, 27th July 2018.

Examination Dates: 13th – 17th August, 2018.

Mode of Examination: Computer-Based Testing (Please check the Unilag Website a week before examination to verify your venue and examination date).

All Questions are Multiple Choice.

Examination subjects are: Mathematics, English Language (20 questions each) and 3 other relevant subjects (according to candidates choice of subject combination) of 15 questions each, that is, a total of 85 questions to be answered in 1 hour.

Students are to report at designated venues – according to the schedule on the Examination Pass.


All candidates must be at the designated venues two hours before the scheduled Examination time.

Results: Results and Merit Admission will be released on the University website on Wednesday, 29th August, 2018.

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Past Questions for the School of Nursing LUTH Entrance Examinations

One of the most frequent enquiries we get concerning the SON entrance examination is about past questions for the examination. Another enquiry is on the nature of the exam.

We have made our enquiries at the SON, LUTH office and from past students of the school and we were told that there are no specific past questions compilation for the entrance examination. When we pressed further we were told that candidates can prepare themselves using WASSCE and UTME past questions.

Candidates should also read up on current affairs and the history of School of Nursing, Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Questions like “who is the head of SON?” can be asked.

Finally, understanding the nature of the SON entrance exam will be useful to candidates.

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Study Nursing Abroad Opportunity
Study Nursing Abroad Opportunity

The Nature of the School of Nursing LUTH Entrance Examination

In recent years thousands of candidates apply to be admitted into the School of Nursing (SON), Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for the basic nursing (general nursing) training programme out of which a final selection of 50 – 70 candidates will be made strictly on merit.

The selection is made using three stages of entrance examinations. A candidate makes it to the next stage by passing the test of the previous stage.

The first stage is an aptitude test that evaluates basic intelligence of applicants. Candidates can prepare for this stage using standard aptitude tests that evaluate quantitative reasoning, verbal aptitude, basic arithmetic and current affairs.

The second stage tests academic proficiency in O-level English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Candidates can prepare using WASSCE and UTME past questions.

The third stage is an oral interview where candidates appear before faculty staff of the SON, LUTH and are evaluated. Candidates are advised to dress appropriately and compose themselves properly for this stage.

The final 50 – 70 candidates that are admitted are those who successfully make it through the three stages of the selection process.

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Online tests to prepare you for success in Unilag entrance exams (CBT) aptitude tests

You can prepare for success in Computer Based Test (CBT) entrance exams like the University of Lagos (Unilag) post UTME, Foundation Programme entrance exam and even the School of Nursing (SON), LUTH aptitude test by practising on our online test platform.

Our online test platform contains 200 standard problems and answers in English Language, Mathematics and General Paper. You can access the full online test platform and practise problems for N2500.

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Study Abroad on a low budget for most courses especially Nursing

There is the opportunity to study abroad on a low budget for most courses especially Nursing.

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How to order your Unilag post UTME and Foundation Programme Entrance Exams Past Questions and Solutions in 2018

The tested and trusted method to prepare for Unilag entrance examinations is to be familiar with the past questions. We have solved past questions with detailed solutions to guide candidates prepare for success.

The soft copies of the past questions and solutions can be purchased from us for two thousand five hundred naira only (N2,500). We will email the past questions to you on confirmation of payment. In addition to the past questions you also gain access to our online test portal at to practice tests in English Language, Mathematics and General Paper.

You can also order hard copy type of the past questions as priced in the table below.

SN Past question type Price
1 Soft Copy N2500
2 Hard Copy N3000 (You pick up at Unilag)
2 Hard Copy N3500 (We deliver to your location in Lagos)

You can pay into any of the bank accounts below and thereafter send an SMS containing your name, email and phone number to 08138420491. Feel free to call us for clarification.

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How to prepare for success in the 2018-2019 Unilag Post UTME Aptitude Test

The Unilag post UTME aptitude test accounts for 30% of total aggregate score needed to qualify for undergraduate admission. Candidates whose aggregate score are higher the merit cut-off marks for their chosen course are eligible for admission by merit.

Unilag conducts post UTME weeks after the UTME. However, many applicants fail the entrance examination due to poor preparation.

Ways a candidate can prepare for success in the post UTME are:

  1. A candidate can prepare for success by purchasing the post UTME past questions and solutions and then getting familiar with them by solving the problems they contain. Here is a link to how you can purchase the original past questions (Click here) .
  2. We provide home tutorial services for candidates preparing for Unilag post UTME. Here is a link to our home tutorial service page (Click here).
  3. We have free Unilag post UTME past questions that can be downloaded from our website at our past questions page. (Click here) . You need to register on our website to have access to the download page.

In 2017 the post UTME consisted of 50 problems from English Language, Mathematics and General Knowledge. It an aptitude test and the right approach to preparation makes all the difference for success.

We prepare candidates mentally and psychologically so they know what they need to do to get it right on exam day. Our preparation programme is spread over 6 – 8 weeks to condition our candidates for success.


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How to calculate your total aggregate score for Unilag UTME undergraduate admission for 2018

In the 2017/2018 admission season the University of Lagos, calculated aggregate scores of UTME undergraduate admission applicants by weighting 20% to O-Level results, 50% to the UTME score, and 30% to the post UTME score.

In this system of scoring:

  1. O-level component is reached as follows using the FIVE required subjects for your applied course: A1 = 4.0 points; B2 = 3.6 points; B3 = 3.2 points; C4 = 2.8 points; C5 = 2.4 points; C6 = 2.0 points. Grades must be obtained at ONE SITTING.
  2. 50% UTME component is calculated by dividing your UTME score by 8.
  3. The Unilag post UTME is scaled to 30 points.

We have an online calculator that will easily help you calculate the target component scores for your chosen course using the database of Unilag cut-off marks from 2011 – 2017. See the online calculator at: Unilag UTME target calculator page. (Click here).


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How to calculate your O-level aggregate score for Unilag UTME admission for 2018

In the 2017/2018 admission season the University of Lagos, calculated aggregate scores of UTME undergraduate admission applicants by weighting 20% to O-Level results, 50% to the UTME score, and 30% to the post UTME score.

In this system of scoring: A1 = 4.0 points; B2 = 3.6 points; B3 = 3.2 points; C4 = 2.8 points; C5 = 2.4 points; C6 = 2.0 points. Grades must be obtained at ONE SITTING.

We have an online calculator that will easily help you calculate your O-level aggregate scores at our online calculator page. (Click here).


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University of Lagos Unilag cut-off marks from 2011 – 2017

We have a database of University of Lagos (Unilag) cut-off marks from 2011 – 2017.

Knowledge of the cut-off marks of previous years informs you of what you need to score to be successful in your undergraduate admission quest into Unilag.

The cut-off marks for all departments are available at this link (Click here).


The team, 08138420491