The Nature of the School of Nursing LUTH Entrance Examination

In recent years thousands of candidates apply to be admitted into the School of Nursing (SON), Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for the basic nursing (general nursing) training programme out of which a final selection of 50 – 70 candidates will be made strictly on merit.

The selection is made using three stages of entrance examinations. A candidate makes it to the next stage by passing the test of the previous stage.

The first stage is an aptitude test that evaluates basic intelligence of applicants. Candidates can prepare for this stage using standard aptitude tests that evaluate quantitative reasoning, verbal aptitude, basic arithmetic and current affairs.

The second stage tests academic proficiency in O-level English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Candidates can prepare using WASSCE and UTME past questions.

The third stage is an oral interview where candidates appear before faculty staff of the SON, LUTH and are evaluated. Candidates are advised to dress appropriately and compose themselves properly for this stage.

The final 50 – 70 candidates that are admitted are those who successfully make it through the three stages of the selection process.

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