How our home tutorials prepare our candidates for Unilag Post UTME and Foundation Programme entrance examinations

The candidates for whom we provide home tutorials towards University of Lagos (Unilag) entrance examinations fall into two categories. The first category are those who have unsuccessfully attempted JAMB/UTME/Post UTME/Foundation Programme entrance exams at least once while the second category are fresh school leavers.

The approach to preparing these two categories of candidates are different but they both aim at the same goal of preparing the candidates adequately to succeed in their entrance exams.

Usually, because they have been out of school for some time the first category of candidates are a little low on confidence when we first meet them and may feel they are forgetting what they learned in school. With no WASSCE or NECO to distract them however, there is usually enough time to focus and prepare them for the Post UTME or Foundation Programme entrance exams. Our early classes assess the candidates to know their state of readiness for the exams and by the time we are mid-way into the tutorial sessions, we have identified their areas of strength and weakness. We are then able to tune our preparation to meet the individual needs of the candidate.

In-between our tutorial sessions we give home works and encourage our candidates to study by themselves to build on their academic skill and proficiency.

In the course of the tutorials we give five assessments similar in strength to the actual examination being prepared for such that by the time our candidates are writing the actual Post UTME or Foundation Programme entrance exam it would appear to them that they writing the same exam for the sixth time! By this time they are poised to succeed.

The second category of our candidates are fresh school leavers who have just spent the previous three months of April – June writing WASSCE and NECO. They are usually exam fatigued by the time, towards the end of June, when we begin our preparations and typically have about four – six weeks before Post UTME and Foundation Programme entrance exams.

They have also spent the previous three school years preparing for school leaving examinations which are of a different nature to Post UTME and Foundation Programme. While preparing them for WASSCE/NECO can be likened to preparing them to win a game of football within the 90 minutes regulation time, preparing them for Post UTME and Foundation Programme can be likened to preparing them for extra time and penalty kicks.

Whichever category our candidates belong to we let them know of the challenge before them and show them how to surmount it. Additionally, we try to reinforce into them the ability to study by themselves which is critical for success at the University.

Our tutors are graduates and current students of the University of Lagos who know what it takes to succeed at the University entrance examinations. Details of our home tutorial services can be found at:


Ugochukwu Ukwuegbu

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We offer home tutorials for candidates preparing for the 2016 Unilag post UTME and Foundation Programme entrance examinations


We offer home tutorials for candidates preparing for the 2016 Unilag post UTME and Foundation Programme.

The post UTME consists of 40 questions to be answered in 30 minutes while the Foundation Programme entry exam consists of 85 questions to be answered in 60 minutes. These are essentially knock-out examinations and the right approach to preparation makes all the difference for success.

We prepare candidates mentally and psychologically so they know what they need to do to get it right on exam day. Our preparation programme is spread over 6 – 8 weeks to condition our candidates for success.

The cost for the home tutorials is N40,000 (forty thousand naira) for post UTME and N50,000 (fifty thousand naira) for Foundation Programme. Our service area is Lagos State.

You can call 08138420491 or fill the form on our contact page to make enquiries about our home tutorial service.

Online Tutorials

We do tutorials on Facebook on weekends from 12 pm – 2 pm.
If you register with us we will send you weekly tutorials by email to help you prepare for success in your Unilag post UTME and Foundation Programme entry examinations.

We hold our tutorials online at

Our objective is to use web technologies to prepare candidates for success in their Computer Based Test post UTME.

We are always working hard behind the scenes to ensure we deliver you quality service.

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We are Ready for the 2016 Unilag Admissions Season

Hello friends, how are you?

Did you write the 2016 UTME? How was it?

If you wrote the 2016 UTME we are proud to announce to you that we have upgraded our technologies to assist you as you prepare for post UTME.

Our technologies are developed to help you prepare for success in your University of Lagos (Unilag) post UTME and Foundation Programme entrance examinations. At you will find information on the Unilag cut–off marks from 2011 to 2015.

You will find a calculator at that lets you know what score to target to make the Unilag merit list.

The past questions archive at gives you access to download Unilag post UTME past questions and Foundation Programme entrance examinations past questions for free.

You can get the 2016 post UTME preparation pack for N1500 which includes 200 questions and answers in English, Mathematics, and General Paper.

Our online test portal allows you prepare for the Unilag post UTME and Foundation Programme computer based tests (CBTs). What you score in practice on our online test portal at is a good assessment of your readiness for the Unilag CBTs.

Our online test portal has been very useful to candidates since 2011 and that is why those who used it recommend it to their younger ones seeking admission into the University of Lagos.

Yes, we also have our weekend tutorials on Facebook at from 12 pm – 2 pm. Keep a date with us.

This year 2016 is the sixth year in a row that we are providing our admissions preparatory support and what we learn time and again is that good preparation and access to good information are key to admissions success. It is important to add here that we have seen candidates squander very good UTME scores because they did not take the right approach to preparing for the post UTME. Same applies with the Foundation Programme entrance examinations.

Feel free to send us a message through any of our online platforms. SMS messages and calls are welcome.

Our job is to help you prepare for success in your Unilag post UTME and Foundation Programme entrance examinations using sound data-based technology. Keep in touch.

The team, 08138420491, BB PIN: 2A742F4B.