How to prepare for success in Unilag post UTME 2018

Success in gaining admission into the University of Lagos (Unilag) for undergraduate studies through UTME depends on good information, sound preparation, a healthy work ethic and the will to study right for the required entrance examinations.

Steps to prepare for success are:

  1. Ensure you have met the O-Level and UTME subject requirements for your chosen course. Click here to relevant page.
  2. Do a good analysis of your admission chances.
  3. Get the right materials to prepare with like post UTME past questions;
  4. Enrol for tutorials with people who know what the Unilag post UTME is like;
  5. Keep yourself informed with relevant information like examination dates and admission timelines.


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Tools to help you prepare for Unilag admission success.

Unilag cut-off marks

O-Level aggregate scores

UTME target scores

Past Questions and Answers

How to prepare for success in the 2018-2019 Unilag Post UTME Aptitude Test

The Unilag post UTME aptitude test accounts for 30% of total aggregate score needed to qualify for undergraduate admission. Candidates whose aggregate score are higher the merit cut-off marks for their chosen course are eligible for admission by merit.

Unilag conducts post UTME weeks after the UTME. However, many applicants fail the entrance examination due to poor preparation.

Ways a candidate can prepare for success in the post UTME are:

  1. A candidate can prepare for success by purchasing the post UTME past questions and solutions and then getting familiar with them by solving the problems they contain. Here is a link to how you can purchase the original past questions (Click here) .
  2. We provide home tutorial services for candidates preparing for Unilag post UTME. Here is a link to our home tutorial service page (Click here).
  3. We have free Unilag post UTME past questions that can be downloaded from our website at our past questions page. (Click here) . You need to register on our website to have access to the download page.

In 2017 the post UTME consisted of 50 problems from English Language, Mathematics and General Knowledge. It an aptitude test and the right approach to preparation makes all the difference for success.

We prepare candidates mentally and psychologically so they know what they need to do to get it right on exam day. Our preparation programme is spread over 6 – 8 weeks to condition our candidates for success.


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